We support the excellence, the will and the courage of our clients towards the success

Our objective

The EU offers strategic resources and targeted funding to public and private bodies, companies,  associations, organisations, universities and research centres. These resources have a high impact for boosting development and growth as well as for the affirmation of products and services, at national and international level, but still remain partially unused because of accessibility barriers, such as poor information and knowledge, lack of operational tools, and difficulties in joining pertinent networks.


We bring Europe to our clients and our clients to Europe.

The mission of InnoSuccess consists in providing its customers with information, knowledge, networks and operational tools so that they can trigger growth and innovation paths to success.


How we reach the goal

We build tailored interventions to represent our clients to the European institutions and organisations by lobbying actions, to support them to gain access to EU funds, join networks and European platforms, develop collaborations and international partnerships, undertake innovation and growth processes, improve knowledge and key capacities.


Our clients

Our customers are small, medium and large enterprises, public bodies, universities, research centers, clusters, associations and organisations, and professionals, driven by the desire to grow.