Access and participation to the European platforms, networks and clusters

Relational frameworks and structures, which play a strategic role for the growth of public and private bodies at all levels, are nowadays available in Europe.


InnoSuccess facilitates its clients to have access to the European technology platforms, networks and clusters, and support their proactive participation. This includes the identification of the proper contexts, the development of strategies and action plans, contacts and negotiations with the decision making level of the selected organization.


This service is structured to develop knowledge and capacities that allow the clients to effectively self manage their role. Nevertheless, if requested, InnoSuccess also represents customers' interests inside the platforms, networks or clusters in the long run.  

The European technology platforms (ETPs)

The European Technology Platforms are industry-led stakeholders forums recognised by the European Commission as key actors in driving innovation and developing research agendas.


In Europe, there are 41 platforms which members are companies, public institutions, universities, research centers, networks, and finance corporations that work in a specific area of the innovation technology.


Joining an ETP means to become active players for the design and development of the new innovation policies to be financially supported by the EU, to benefit from an integrated and structured network, and to take advantage of partnering opportunities for projects realisation.

The European networks

The European networks are constituted by differentiated actors (firms, associations, universities, research centers, public institutions) that are active in a specific common sector. They aim to strengthen their positioning in the EU framework and advocate with the EU institutions for the benefit of their members.


Joining an European network means to be in connection with consolidated bodies, benefit from strategic resources, share information and knowledge, draw on the results of innovative researches, have the chance of expanding the market, improve performance, enhance the visibility and become active actor in the international scenario.

The clusters

The clusters mainly act at local level and are constituted by groups of companies, which are interconnected and most of the times geographically concentrated, that collaborate with the aim of improving and strengthening their position in the market.


Joining a cluster means to synergistically share resources and services, access to high specialised knowledge, undertake common activities for the development of new production technologies, and take part to jointly run initiatives (promotional activities, training and capacity building,...). All this turns into a general reduction of costs and risks, and an improvement of performances.