Access to EU funding opportunities

The European Union makes available to public and private bodies significant funds, to promote the implementation of innovation and development processes, to which applicants can access through the submission of project proposals compliant with the objectives of the different EU programs.


InnoSuccess supports its clients in any step of the path for accessing to these financial resources  (program identification, representation during the info days or other key brokerage events in Brussels, analysis of the project idea, partnership building, writing and submission of the project proposal). In case of success and when required by the customer, InnoSuccess also manages the project and coordinate the partners.

The advantages to undertake this path, and to do it with InnoSuccess

This path turns into a strategic and effective experience for the empowerment of enterprises, public bodies, universities, research centers, associations and organisation, since:

The programs

Horizon 2020

With approximately 80 billion of Euro available in seven years (2014-2020), Horizon 2020 is the largest European program for research and innovation and it covers seven areas of intervention: health, food safety, energy, transport, environment and climate, social inclusion, secure societies.

Life 2014-2020

LIFE Program focuses on preserving our natural capital, fostering green growth and the circular economy in Europe and supporting breakthrough actions in climate change adaptation and mitigation. The LIFE Program targets public and private actors wishing to participate to actions in the fields of climate change adaptation and mitigation, environment and nature.

Structural funds

With a budget of 454 billion Euro for the period 2014-2020, the Structural Funds and the European Investment (ESIF) are the main instrument of policies and investments in the European Union. They respond to the needs of the real economy by encouraging the creation of jobs and bringing Europe to grow in a sustainable manner.

Within the framework of the ESIF, InnoSuccess provides assistance for Interreg Europe program.


The Interreg Europe Program is destined to local and regional institutions that want to build collaboration and cohesion, exchange and capitalise best practices, between the EU regions.


EuropeAid is the EU program for International Development and Cooperation, and covers eight areas of intervention: human rights, food safety, economic growth and human development, infrastructures, energy, environment, migration and asylum.