Support to innovation

Innovation is the ground for the smart growth, which means the development of a circular economy, fully sustainable and respectful of both human beings and the environment.


"Innovation Union is the European Union strategy to create an innovation friendly environment that makes it easer for great ideas to be turned into products and services that will bring our economy growth and jobs" (Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 Initiative)


Becoming an actor of innovation, for the production processes, goods or services, represents an enormous added value for companies, universities and research centers, which have the possibility to strategically place themselves in the market, expand their activities and growth perspectives, optimize resources, join international networks and access to European funds.

As international actor for innovation, InnoSuccess:

Optimises and strengthens innovation processes already run by the clients

For those customers that already started innovation processes, InnoSuccess develops personalised support action plans that includes the identification of European resources and funding, the networking with strategic partners, the insertion into networks or clusters, the development of new strategies and integration of key skills.

Helps clients to become innovative, through the development of new strategies and programmes

For those customers wishing to initiate a path of change and innovation, InnoSuccess realises audits in order to assess the existing resources and potentialities. If the essential prerequisites are satisfied, InnoSuccess develops action plans and customized programs that include the design and preparation of project proposals to access to the European funds, the research of strategic partnerships and networks, the provision of key information and capacity building.