InnoSuccess soutient l'art

          Federica Bertino "Mather", Oil pastels on canvas, cm 125x185, 2007



            MIIT, Museo Italiano Italia Arte



We are living in an age of massive and rapid changes.


As experts in development, we are fully aware about the big chance to work in a time during which the world is changing much more responsibly than before.


Knowledge and technology are shaping the economy, by transforming it into an increasingly sustainable process. As a consequence, finally, the interest of markets is moving toward fields and activities that protect, and do not destroy, our planet. This same direction seems that has been taken by the policies of numerous states, and by the behaviours of those citizens involved in a certain degree of social liability.


The portion of mankind that decides to be part of this constructive advance flow seems to increase rather quickly, and it does so by distancing itself from the historical role of, alas, antagonist of the environment.


This is also proved by several developing countries that chose green growth paths.


However, we still have to face big challenges, likely bigger than ever. Climate change and natural disasters, globalisation, migrations, conflicts...But that is not all. There are also the choices that we have to make, every day, at any level.


Media, science, knowledge, skills and capacities, market and economy, solicit us to quickly choose between two, three…many options: from the grocery store to the selection of a new strategy for our company, or a political party. The sum of all these choices determines today and tomorrow realities.


Hundreds of thousands of little, daily choices, but fundamental.


What do we need, therefore, to choose conscientiously?


Our answer focuses on two elements: information and humanity.


Information feeds on news, opinions, readings, listening, observation, interest, research.


Humanity feeds on love, relationships with other people, with ourselves, with animals and nature, faith, music, literature, fine art.


Art. Engaged in spreading knowledge and information, in capacity building, in promoting a systemic sustainable and equitable change, we chose to support art and turned our attention to Federica Bertino.


Federica Bertino, Italian painter and photographer, beyond the importance of her international career and her emotional ties with our team, reflects in her works all what we believe in: the respect for nature and life. And her paintings feed our humanity.


Large Canvas

 "Maelbeek" Oil pastels end acrylics on canvas, cm 370x210, 2016


"Home protection ritual", Oil pastels on canvas, cm 130 x cm 190, 2007  


"E' ad Est che devi guardare",  Oil pastels end acrylics on canvas, cm 143x205, 2014


"Addio amore mio",  Oil pastels end acrylics on canvas, cm 85x210, 2015

Medium size canvas

"Anemone", Oil pastels on canvas, cm 93x96, 2008