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Colin Wolfe, Head of Unit "Competence Centre Smart and Sustainable Growth", DG Regio European Commission, Brussels
"Andrea Rubini worked in the "Competence Centre: Smart and Sustainable Growth under my supervision to end-2015 with the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. This is part of the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy.
As part of the Smart growth team, he dealt with matters pertaining to research and innovation, the digital agenda, and SME/enterprise support, and how these are integrated into EU Regional Policy throughout the 28 Member States of the European Union. Andrea supported our work on several fronts. Above all, he demonstrated a professional perspective, which allowed him to perform assigned tasks with rigour and reliability. In particular, Andrea assisted in the preparation of a revised thematic organisation and knowledge management structure. He also worked on communication and publicity

issues, as well as briefings for and high-level events and meetings. Through all of these activities Andrea worked closely with European Union policies and rules, and with the role of the European Commission in the overall approach. He also enlarged his professional networks by being actively engaged in meetings with the other Commission services, and with EU national authorities and stakeholders. He quickly and successfully integrated into our team, and was highly appreciated as a professionally valued colleague. With his intellectual experience and career, strong analytical skills, and work ethic, I have every confidence that Andrea will continue to be successful in any future position"


Manuela Manfredi, Bidding and Tender Unit Manager, Thetis SpA, Venice

"I would like to take the opportunity to describe the work that Mr. Andrea Rubini, performed for me as Manager of Bidding Dept., Tender Unit of Thetis SpA. Mr. Rubini was hired by our company as consultant from March 2015 to January 2016 and worked under my supervision during that time. Mr. Rubini has an outstanding knowledge of the European Union policies, of the financing programs and a firm understanding of the EU Institutions. He is also highly skilled at recognising issues that require escalation to management for decision-making. Typically, Mr. Rubini tackles this by presenting a number of well thought-out options with pros and cons to aid the decision maker in making choices and in understanding and communicating the implications of that choice. In addition, his excellent acquaintance with the European networks was the decisive factor to successfully introduce our Company in the relevant lobbies operating in Brussels, and connecting us to business actors and stakeholders pertinent to the Company mission and strategic goals. In short, I would consider any company very lucky to have Mr. Rubini join the team, as he is virtually a shoo-in for creating the framework necessary to bring in a successful initiative, and I would highly recommend him for any action that involves complexity, tough time constraints, or high quality requirements"


Pamela Foster, Foreign Service Officer at USAID (United States Agency International Development), Washington

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Andrea for over 15 years; he possesses that rare combination of superior technical and managerial skills. Often juggling competing demands simultaneously - and budgets in the tens of millions of dollars - he remains detail oriented and highly accessible. His breadth and depth of experience are especially evident when mentoring newer professionals, and are invaluable when representation, negotiation and diplomacy at the highest levels are needed. As demonstrated by his results in Nepal, Rwanda and other countries, Andrea is driven by a passionate commitment to his work, and excels in engaging across sectors to deliver results efficiently and effectively"


Silvia Sangiorgio, Sapienza University of Rome, Roma

"My working relationship with Andrea Rubini dates back to 2008 when he was already collaborating as lecturer with the Master EFER at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Since then I have admired him greatly as both a professional and a person as he is one of the few people I know who balances depth on substance, knowledge of the EU structure and policies, and tremendous capacity to mentoring people. Colleagues trust Andrea's insights and his motives and this leads them to seek him out for guidance and for partnership. 
In addition to these vital skills, Andrea is also one of the most dedicated professionals I know. He is tremendously loyal to the people he works with and the organisations that employ or ask him for a consultancy. I would recommend him in the highest possible terms to any future collaborator and sincerely hope that I will continue to work with him along into the future"


Valentina Pinna, Research, Innovation and Health at Regione Lombardia Presidency Delegation to the EU, Brussels

"Andrea is a very reliable and competent person. I knew him when he was working for Cremona Chamber of Commerce in charge of the EU projects. He is an excellent project manager, expert in international cooperation and PCM.
He was also an excellent colleague, supporting me when I was head of sector for research and innovation at the Lombardy delegation to the EU. I can definitely recommend him!"


Dominique Bornsiak, Assistant de mission chez Conseil Régional de Picardie, Amiens

"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrea for the INTERREG IVC project named ECOREGIONS. Andrea was the representative for the Italian partner : Cremona Chamber of Commerce. It was a real pleasure to work with Andrea. He is very professional, with a good understanding about EU projects demands.
He always reacted in a quick way to all the requests within the framework of the project, as well for the financial aspects as for the questions relative to the realization of the project. All project partners have appreciated to work with him.
Cremona Chamber of Commerce hosted one of the project Steering Committee and this meeting was a success, due to Andrea's implication. I recommend clearly Andrea to every person wishing deal with an European project"


Ilaria Massari, General Manager at Reindustria - Agenzia Cremona Sviluppo, Crema

"With a strong background in project management, Andrea always get out the most innovative results from complex situations. Where both private and public interests are at stake, he is able to create and manage strategic connections with large impact in the long run. His expertise in environmental field is the steady certainty, a guarantee for efficiency and effectiveness in resource and time management. A great collaborator, very forward looking in managing international relations and multicultural partnerships. A perfect team leader!"


Ludovico Monforte, Head of Office Unioncamere Lombardia, Brussels

"Andrea is an expert in European funds and opportunities. He is very active and efficient on his job. He has a strong expertise on European projects and policies. He has also a strong sense of teamwork"


Astrid Thygesen, Senior Procurement Adviser, Copenaghen

"I worked with Andrea Rubini on a project in Ethiopia, which involved that we in cooperation reviewed legal procurement documents and interviewed high ranking officers from public and private sector as well as from multi-lateral donors, as well as wrote a report on our findings. During this work, I experienced Mr. Rubini as being very professional in his work; highly competent, dedicated, responsible, hard working, productive and culturally sensitive. Mr. Rubini is a team player and delightful to be around. His knowledge of Italian wines and food are impressive as well"


Alessandra Tisot, Official Development/Human Rights at UNDP (United Nations)

"I directly supervised Andrea when I worked as UNDP Deputy Representative to Nepal and he was the Project Manager of the UNDP Humanitarian Assistance Information System (HAIS).  He holds an excellent blend of technical and managerial skills that allow him to deliver results efficiently.  Leadership of the HAIS project entailed dealing with complex realities on the ground stemming from the contextual environment Nepal was facing with the upsurge of the Maoist movement in full swing. The capacity to quickly and effectively address unforeseen conditions was an added value of his contribution to the project implementation, along with his accurate ability to manage implementation schedules, budgets and broad partnerships. Andrea has a positive outlook, excellent interpersonal skills and he is highly adaptable to multicultural settings and his past experience in Europe, Asia and Africa is an asset he brings to the team he contributes to"